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April 18, 2019

Lasercutter Memes

I recently got trained on the lasercutter at Artisan’s Asylum and wanted to do a project! Thankfully, my friend Emilie had just the thing.


Memes (i.e. units of culture) have been on the internet for so long that some people are starting to print them out to share. I hear this is getting especially common in nursing homes or retirement communities, but I read that on the internet so I don’t know.

What we did instead was etch a meme instead of print it out! It took a few tries to get all the etched settings right, but it turned out great. This involved importing the PNG into Inkscape, tracing the bitmap, and cleaning it up to make a printable SVG.

The Final Product

Personally, I think it looks gorgeous:

Manatee picture

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